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What’s it Like to Live in Warrington Florida

whats it like to live in warrington floridaIf you’re considering moving to a new community in the Sunshine State, you might be wondering, “What’s it like to live in Warrington Florida?” In this article, you’ll learn the cost of living in Warrington, as well as the average home price and crime rate. Once you have the information you need to make a decision, you’ll be able to choose a Warrington home and start preparing for your move. Next article

Cost of living in Warrington

The community of Warrington is located in Escambia County, Florida, and once had the distinction of being the westernmost incorporated town in the state. Covering about 8 square miles, Warrington is located between the Alabama and Pensacola State Lines. It is only four miles from Naval Air Station Pensacola, so residents looking for a quiet neighborhood can find one here. Aside from being a great place to live, Warrington is also easily accessible, offering military families a peaceful alternative and short commute to work.

Getting to work in Warrington, Florida isn’t difficult, although it does require an investment in car or truck. The average commute time in Warrington is just 24 minutes, far less than the state average. Regardless of how you get to work, you’ll likely spend the majority of your waking hours in a car or truck. Public transit isn’t widely used in the community, so if it’s available in your area, it may be a good option.

Average crime rate in Warrington

The average crime rate in Warrington, Florida is slightly higher than the national average. This information comes from various law enforcement agencies and the FBI. In addition, the city has several ordinances regarding crime and safety that make it a desirable place to live. Listed below are the most recent crime statistics for Warrington, Florida. While these numbers may be slightly off, they are still quite high compared to the national average. Click for more info

The city has a low population density compared to surrounding areas, which reduces the risk of crime. In addition, the average crime rate in Warrington, Florida is lower than the state average. In some areas, such as near major airports, crime can appear to be higher, even though the city is generally a safe place to visit. However, it is important to remember that crime doesn’t occur where no one is around.