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Tiger Point

Tiger Point is a census-designated place in the state of Florida. As of the 2010 census, its population was 3,090. It is located about 10 miles west of Jacksonville and is home to two elementary schools and several parks. Residents enjoy boating and fishing on the bay, and there are many places to find fishing charters.

Most residents of Tiger Point, FL identify as English, although there are also people of German, Irish, Italian, and Asian ancestry. As a whole, Americans are more likely to speak English than any other language. Of the Tiger Point, FL population, 19.9% of adults are single. In addition, one-third of the area’s residents are under the age of 15.

Tiger Point has a low poverty rate. While the national poverty rate is 14.1%, just 14.2% of residents live in poverty in Tiger Point. The median rent in Tiger Point is $1,793, and the median house value is $279,700. The median age is 44.5 years, with males a little older than females. Check this out

Tiger Point is a great place for families with children, with top-rated public schools and low crime rates. The community is also home to many other families, all of whom value education. Highly educated executives and those who love to spend time with their families will love this community. It also offers a wide range of amenities and entertainment.

The climate in Tiger Point is mild in the summer and moderately cold in winter. The temperature ranges from 77degF in January to 89degF in July. The coolest months include December and February. The hot season lasts for about 4.2 months, while the cool season lasts for three months.

As a result of the increasing temperature, the probability of heat events in Tiger Point increases. Heat waves are defined as 3 days of high temperature. Heat waves can be deadly for some people. Heat risks are changing because of our changing environment. Higher average temperatures mean more humidity, which compounds the heat index and makes heat events more dangerous.

Tiger Point Florida experiences variable weather. The shortest day in Tiger Point is December 21, and the longest day is June 21. The brightest days occur during the first week of June. There are some months when it’s not sunny, but the weather is generally pleasant. The cloudiest time is July. However, the sun is visible for a little over half the day.

Tiger Point is a small community located in the panhandle region of Florida. It is home to a world-renowned golf course and is just a short drive away from Pensacola. Residents of the community can sign up for an e-newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events and special offers. TIGER POINT FLORIDA: A City With a History of History – And History! For Families. Click for more

Tiger Point FL has a low cost of living compared to the rest of Florida. The median home value in the area was $279,700 in 2020, which is 1% higher than the national average. The homeownership rate was 92.1% in 2016. Lastly, Tiger Point is home to many people who live in single-family homes.