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 The Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti BridgeThe Graffiti Bridge was an iconic landmark located at N 17th Ave, Pensacola, FL 32502. It was eventually removed in 1991, but its legacy still lives on. People who lived in the city have fond memories of it. There are even local legends about this former railroad bridge. The Graffiti Bridge, a place of art and history, has a great story to tell.

In 2011, a local photographer took daily photos of the graffiti on the PSC bridge. While the graffiti is typically on the exterior of the structure, it is also illegal to spray paint on the abutments. The bridge is protected by signs and other landmarks, which are protected by law. There are also porta potties nearby, which make spray painting illegal in certain parts of the bridge a criminal offense. Next article

Many people disapprove of the graffiti on the bridge. Some people attempt to cover it up with white paint, which serves as a blank canvas for new artists. Others choose to view the graffiti on the bridge as an art statement. And for some, it’s the art of the city itself. And the graffiti on the bridge is part of the city’s identity and its history.

Sadly, most places prohibit graffitiing, but Pensacola has a nice thing going. By allowing graffiti artists to use the Graffiti Bridge as a canvas, the city has managed to protect itself from a lot of negativity. The Graffiti Bridge has become a famous landmark in the city and is a source of pride for local and tourist alike. A fantastic read

While the graffiti is a fun activity, it can also be dangerous. Visitors need to exercise caution when crossing the bridge and be aware of oncoming traffic. In addition, tall vehicles should avoid driving under the bridge. While “Graffiti Bridge” is rated PG-13, it does have some salty language.