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Rollins Distillery

rumIn 2011, Patrick Rollins and his son, Michael, decided to start a distillery in their hometown of Gulf Breeze, Florida. After a year of research, the father-son team incorporated their business. In 2012, they received their first molasses shipment from Florida. In 2015, they sent their first product. The company currently produces several different types of rum, including Golden Rum and Rock n’ Rum.

The distillery is owned by Paul Rollins, a former Navy pilot with an advanced degree in chemistry from the Naval Academy. Patrick Rollins, an architect, was successful in home brewing and approached his father about opening a brewpub. Paul Rollins suggested opening a distillery and eventually convinced the brothers to pursue their entrepreneurial dream. Then, in 2016, they released their first product, Esprit de Krewe Vodka.

Today, Rollins Distillery Gulf Breeze has grown to a full-fledged business with its tasting room and a tasting room. The distillery is not a large operation, but it has a growing customer base. In addition to tours, customers can drop in and learn more about the process of distilling. The distillery produces rum without aging. The oxidation process changes the taste of the compounds that are distilled.

The Rollins Distillery Gulf Breeze, FL has a tasting room and a gift shop. Visitors can purchase their products from the tasting room, at local liquor stores, and in some of the higher-end restaurants along the Gulf Coast. The rums, which aren’t aged, are much more flavorful when they’ve aged. The distillery has a great reputation for its high-quality rums and has added a tasting room.

Located in Gulf Breeze, FL, the Rollins Distillery is a small-scale community in Santa Rosa County. The Rollins Distillery is located in a small strip mall in Gulf Breeze and produces Esprit de Krewe gin. The water level at the distillery was 9′ high at the time of the flood and completely destroyed the building. While the spirits are now being manufactured and sold by the Rollins Distillery, they are still not sold in retail outlets.

The Rollins Distillery is located in Gulf Breeze, FL, which is home to most distilleries in the Florida Panhandle. The company is located in a strip mall that serves locals. The location is in a rural area, which makes it ideal for the distillery’s product line. In addition to the uniqueness of the products, the tasting room has a welcoming atmosphere.

The distillery’s products are available at the distillery’s tasting room, local liquor stores, and higher-end restaurants along the Gulf Coast. The company’s flagship product, Esprit de Krewe, is a specialty of the area and can be found at local markets, stores, and restaurants. While it might be difficult to pronounce, the name is memorable for its unique flavors. As with any other distillery, the Rollins Distillery is a small community with a unique personality. Additional info

The distillery is located in Gulf Breeze, a small town in southern Florida’s Panhandle. The small-town community is home to a licensed distillery called Rollins Distillery, which makes products such as rum, and wine. The company has been in business since May 2014, but the company is not yet open to the public. A tasting room is available at the distillery, but the company does not sell products on the internet.

The Rollins Distillery has a tasting room and is located within a small strip mall. It has been operating since 2016 and is the only licensed distillery in the southern Florida Panhandle. The company has been producing Esprit de Krewe products since then. They also have a restaurant. Although they’re not open yet, they are making great strides in their business. Guests should not miss the opportunity to sample their spirits. Browse around this site

The staff at Rollins Distillery is friendly and knowledgeable. We met Patrick, the owner and tour guide, who was very knowledgeable and great with his history and story. We also enjoyed the rum and vodka. The latter is made using an only pure cane, and it takes about a month to produce. If you’re a true rum lover, Patrick would be the best choice for you.