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East Pensacola Heights

The weather in East Pensacola Heights varies depending on the time of year. The drier part of the year occurs from September 4 through June 10. The clearest month is October, with an average of 66% clear sky. The cloudiest month is July, with an average of 59% overcast sky.

The real estate in East Pensacola Heights consists mainly of small apartment complexes and single-family homes. Most residential real estate in the neighborhood is occupied by both renters and owners. Most of the houses in the area were built between the 1940s and 1970s. A few were built later.

The most common ethnicity in East Pensacola Heights is German, with 16.6% of residents reporting that their ancestors are German. Other common ancestries include English, Irish, and French. Finally, 8.2% of residents identify as Italian. This makes East Pensacola Heights a multicultural community.

For the most comfortable temperature in East Pensacola Heights, the summer months are May and June. During this period, the temperature is between 75degF and 90degF. The hottest month is July. The coolest month is February. For the average temperature of the area, the best time to visit is early May or late June.

While most providers in East Pensacola Heights Florida are trained to treat general challenges like low self-esteem, trauma, and relationship issues, there are some specific mental health conditions that require expert care. Treatment for these conditions involves working with a psychiatrist to create a treatment plan. The psychiatrist will follow up with patients to make sure they are progressing toward wellness goals. A great place to also visit is Sanders Beach

The median real estate price in East Pensacola Heights, Florida, is $243,236. This is much less expensive than the median price in 60.8% of Florida and 69.2% of all neighborhoods in the United States. In addition, the average rent in East Pensacola Heights is $1,402, which is lower than the average rent in 88.3% of Florida.

The residents of East Pensacola Heights are a diverse group. More than one-third are same-sex, and one-fifth have Greek or Scottish ancestry. The neighborhood is relatively walkable, and the residents commute to work one way in about fifteen minutes. A great read