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Uncle Sandys Macaw Bird Park

Visiting Uncle Sandys Macaw Bird Park is an excellent way to learn about exotic birds while having fun! This parrot sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that cares for rescued and endangered birds. A great place to also visit is Fontanel Place Pensacola

Located in a residential neighborhood, this unique park is a great place to visit if you love birds. Besides offering a beautiful environment for the macaws, the park also aims to educate the public about these amazing animals. If you have an interest in animals, consider taking a trip to this sanctuary in Pensacola. You’ll be glad you did!

The park is a volunteer-run facility that relies on donations to keep it open. It is located in a residential neighborhood on a small two-acre property and features 110 parrots, emus, peacocks, and a rooster.

Visitors can take a walk through the cages to see how these birds live in their natural habitats, learn about their personalities and enjoy their unique cries. They can also participate in guided tours and other educational activities like lectures on bird behavior, photography clinics with certified bird photographers, seminars on conservation initiatives related to birds around the world, and art classes that teach kids how to draw or paint their favorite animals. Browse around this site

Visitor Fees

Admission to this park is $5 per adult, $2 for children 7-13, and free for children 6 and under! There are also group rates and active duty military members and their families receive $1 off the entrance fee.

The staff members at the park are very kind and informative about their responsibilities as volunteers and the care of the animals. They offer daily aviary tours and are happy to show guests how they feed their birds. Many of the aviaries at the park feature cages built from recycled materials, such as satellites and gas barrels, which they say provide a healthier environment for the animals.

If you’re looking for a unique way to learn about exotic birds, check out Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park. This exotic bird sanctuary is located in the middle of a neighborhood, but it’s worth the drive. The friendly staff will welcome you to this sanctuary and show you how to properly care for the macaws. You can also take your pet bird to the park to experience the beautiful and exotic birds.