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Splash City Adventures

Splash City Adventures is a family amusement park and water park that offers over 20 rides and attractions for kids of all ages. It also has a restaurant and a mini golf course.

Its water park is home to 12 thrilling slides and a 750′ endless river. It also has seven pools including two kiddie interactive play pools with pint-size slides. There are arcade games and laser tag as well. A fantastic read

It Has a Water Park

The water park at Splash City Adventures is a family-friendly attraction. It has 12 thrilling slides, a 750-foot endless river, and seven pools including two kiddie interactive play pools each with pint-size slides.

The park has a 30,000-square-foot family entertainment center with multiple indoor attractions, including laser mazes and zip lines. The water park’s developer plans to hire 100 employees year-round and 350 during the peak summer season. Check this out

A local businessman, Jim Mayoros, is the owner of Splash City Adventures. The park has been in the works for several years and was supposed to open this spring.

He recently told St. George News that COVID-19 was a factor in the delay of opening, but he is optimistic about the future. The water park will be the first of its kind in the area.

It Has an Amusement Park

Whether it’s a ride on a roller coaster, a tee, or a drink in the onsite bar, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The waterpark is also a bucket list item for many families. There are 12 water slides showcasing the newest technology to hit the scene. In addition, there are a few novelty items to try out such as one of the first scuba dives in Pensacola.

The amusement park has more than 20 rides and attractions to choose from, including a handful of the most memorable. Some of the more impressive rides are the Tilt a Whirl and Ferris wheel. Among the other attractions at the park is a miniature golf course. In the park’s heyday, it was also home to a few restaurants and bars. Its reincarnation as a family entertainment center is just as exciting.

It Has a Restaurant

If you’re looking for something to eat while you’re visiting Splash City Adventures, look no further than the Pirate Cove restaurant. This establishment offers burgers, pizzas, and a variety of drinks. In addition, it has a small but impressive miniature golf course. If you’re in the mood for something more elaborate, you could try the Fast Eddies Fun Center, which offers a full-service bar and an all-American snack menu. This is the first of many attractions to be announced at Splash City Adventures. Its sister sites include Wilstem, which features a zipline, horseback ride, and elephant encounter, and Shotz, which features indoor laser tag and a miniature golf course.

It Has a Mini Golf Course

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day, try out the mini golf course at Splash City Adventures. The outdoor system is located near the amusement park’s main entrance and features a tropical Gulf Coast theme. It’s a reasonably sized course that’s perfect for kids and adults of all ages. The course is also well-lit and offers a variety of challenges for players. You’ll get a putter and a ball for free upon arrival.

If you’re planning a family vacation to Pensacola, be sure to visit Splash City Adventures and enjoy all of the amusement park’s rides and attractions. They have a seasonal waterpark that includes 12 slides, a lazy river, and other fun family-friendly water attractions, as well as an indoor amusement park with go-karts, carousels, swings, and arcade games.