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3 Skincare Myths Explained

Growing up, we have all had our mothers and grandmothers giving us two cents on how to take care of our skin. While they instilled all those tips upon us wholeheartedly, there is usually little truth to them, which we learned years after working at the skincare clinic. So, it is time we finally bust those myths and let the truth come out of the bubble. Here is the truth behind three skincare myths that you have probably grown up hearing:

Reality Behind Top 3 Skin Care Myths

  • Blackheads occur when you don’t wash your face often
It turns out blackheads only form when the dead skin cells and facial oils gather together at the hair follicles on the face. So basically, the process is inevitable, and we have been washing our face multiple times a day for a lost cause!
  1. Shaving will double your hair growth AND your hair thickness
This one is probably the most heard skincare myth which has absolutely no truth behind it. Shaving the hair on your skin does not affect its growth or thickness. Your hair only feels sharper afterwards because you removed it from the surface level, unlike waxing or epilating, where the hair is plucked directly from the follicle.
  1. Moisturizing is not for oily skin
It does not matter whether you have oily or dry skin; moisturizing is a skincare step that should never be skipped. People with oily skin often use cleansers that reduce sebum production, leading to irritated or flaky skin. The only way of preventing this is to use a water-based moisturizer to keep your skin’s pH levels intact. What are some other skincare myths that you have grown up hearing? Come to our skincare clinic today to find the reality behind those tips and get your skin issues resolved!