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Hurlburt Field Shooting Range

Hurlburt Field Shooting Range is a United States Air Force installation located in Okaloosa County, Florida. It is part of the Eglin Air Force Base reservation and serves as home to Headquarters Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), 1st Special Operations Wing (1 SOW), USAF Special Operations School, and Air Combat Command’s 505th Command and Control Wing.

Range Rules

The Hurlburt Field Shooting Range is a facility for community members to practice and compete in the sport of shooting. The facility features a twenty-lane 100/200-yard range and a ten-lane 20-yard range. It also has a variety of skeet trap stations, concrete lanes and pads, sidewalks for barrier-free access, and restrooms.

The Hurlburt Field Shooting Range uses a “Hot” status and is supervised by a Chief Range Officer (CRO) and a Range Safety Officer (RSO). All shooting is conducted in compliance with NSSA and ATA rules, regulations, and guidelines. Only the approved range targets are allowed after the proper range briefing is completed. No rapid fire or fully automatic fire is permitted. All firearms must be racked behind the firing line, completely unloaded, and with the action open. No metal or exploding targets are allowed. All trash, including shell hulls and casings, must be picked up and properly disposed of.

Range Fees

The Hurlburt Field Shooting Range, located off Red Horse Road near Combat Arms Training Complex, is a recreational shooting facility. It is open to all military personnel and their families, Guard, Reserve, and retired members, as well as civilians with access to Hurlburt Field.

The range is operated by Southeast Louisiana Firearm Safety Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization that uses money generated from range fees to pay for range maintenance and improvements. It also uses the funds to provide training, education, and outreach programs.

The Hurlburt Field Shooting Range has a variety of shooting opportunities, including a 100-yard rifle and 50-yard pistol range, a shotgun range with electronic throwers, a 3-D archery range, and a practice field. All users are required to follow a range of rules and regulations. They also must abide by range officer directions. They are also required to pick up their own shell hulls and casings. They are also not allowed to use profane language or make derogatory remarks.

Range Permits

Hurlburt Field Shooting Range is a Class A and B Range, located on Eglin Air Force Base. All persons shooting on these ranges must purchase a range permit.

These permits are available at hunting & fishing license agents throughout the state. They help offset the cost of operations, maintenance, and trash removal at these ranges. Next article

In addition, the ODNR Division of Wildlife requires all shooters aged 18 and older to obtain a shooting range permit before they are allowed to shoot. This is required for all ODNR Division of Wildlife Class A and B ranges.

Under new regulations, active duty Security Forces members and Air Force Office of Special Investigations agents are allowed to conceal carry privately owned handguns on Hurlburt Field once certain requirements are met. Other qualified law enforcement officers may also conceal carry firearms during duty hours with approval from designated supervisors and a signed DD Form 2760, Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition.

Range Closures

The Hurlburt Field Shooting Range is located just off Red Horse Road, 200 yards east of the Combat Arms Training complex (CATM). It provides a ten-lane 20-yard range and a twenty-lane 100/200-yard range for recreational shooting. Check it out here

It is open to military personnel and their families, Guard members, and retired members. Annual membership dues are $75 and renewals are $60.

A new policy allows Florida concealed carry weapon permit holders, reciprocating state concealed carry license holders, and LEOSA credential holders not assigned to Hurlburt Field to transport privately owned firearms in their vehicles on or off base. These firearms must be secured in a vehicle compartment out of sight from the driver and passengers, and the ammunition must be stored separately.

The new policy came about after an incident involving gunfire that occurred late Friday afternoon on Grimm Lane in the installation’s housing section. It prompted the 1st Special Operations Wing, the host unit at Hurlburt Field, to place all but essential personnel on a lockdown until an “all clear” was issued early Friday evening.