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Holley Hill Pottery Navarre

Just 4 miles north of Navarre Beach in Holley, you will find a wonderful pottery shop that creates superbly unique signed stoneware to reflect life on the Emerald Coast. The Stokes family has owned and operated the business for many years.

They are members of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society and help expose other local potters to the ancient technique of wood firing in an anagama kiln. They also host the annual WoodStoke Pottery Festival.

Saltwater Cottage

Located just four miles north of Navarre Beach in the tiny town of Holley, this family-owned and operated pottery makes some of the finest and most unique signed stonewares. The best part is that each piece is uniquely crafted to display the best of local Florida and Gulf Coast flora and fauna. In addition to the pottery itself, Saltwater Cottage offers a full range of nautical-themed gifts and trinkets in their cute little seaside shop. You can even take a tour of their kiln to see the craft in action.

For a truly unique gift that delivers the beach feel in the palm of your hand, look no further than Saltwater Cottage for the finest and most impressive nautical-themed merchandise on Florida’s Emerald Coast.

Pottery Shop

A few miles north of Navarre in a town called Holley is an unusual pottery shop. It’s owned and operated by the Stokes family, who craft stunning, signed stoneware depicting coastal life. They’re also the founders of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society, which operates wood-fired kilns in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties and helps build a sense of community through clay-related activities.

At their studio, Brenda and Marty Stokes, along with their son Jason, teach the art of wood-fired ceramics. In 2005, they built an anagama kiln, which is an ancient firing technique that originated in China and migrated to Japan. This type of kiln allows ash to burnish random glazes and designs on the pots as they are fired.

The kiln is part of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society, founded by the Stokes family in 2001. This non-profit organization aims to promote awareness of the ceramic arts and bring individuals of all ages together through clay-related activities. If you’re a potter or just enjoy the beauty of pottery, be sure to visit this enchanting family-owned business and take a tour of their kilns. You’ll be sure to find something special for yourself or someone else!

Pottery Gallery

The Pottery Gallery at Holley Hill Pottery Navarre is a place to find wood-fired pottery made by local potters. This shop is a great stop if you’re looking for a unique gift, or want to add a touch of coastal life to your home.

The gallery features functional pottery, hand-painted Gyotaku, and other items that connect you to the sea. You can also find artifacts that tell the story of the Gulf Coast’s rich culture.

This family-owned business is one of the founding members of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society, a nonprofit that preserves and promotes the wood-fired ceramic arts. The group also organizes the annual WoodStoke Festival, a day-long unveiling of work by area potters.

To fire their kilns, the Stokes uses an anagama kiln, a technique that originated in 5th-century China and migrated to Japan. The kiln uses wood to heat up to 2,000 degrees and allows the ash in the kiln to burnish random glazes and designs on the vessels. A great place to also visit is Fort Walton Yacht Club

Throughout the year, artists from the Holley Hill Pottery gallery showcase their work at various events. For example, the September Santa Rosa County Artfest and October’s Navarre Beach Fall Festival of the Arts and Bagdad Plein Air Paint Out are good opportunities to see local artists at work.

The gallery also hosts art classes and special events, including the popular Smooth Sailing party at Juana’s Pagodas thatched-roof bar near Pensacola Beach each fall. Mariners from all over the area compete in long-distance races, Hobie Wave races, and buoy races to test their skills and receive handmade trophies from the pottery shop. This is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Browse around this site

Pottery Studio

The Pottery Studio at Holley Hill Pottery Navarre offers a variety of wood-fired pottery items. It also features Gyotaku, hand-made rice papers featuring painted fish. The gallery is a great place to find gifts or souvenirs for family and friends. The Pottery Studio also offers classes for adults and children.

A large portion of the Pottery Studio’s business is from customers who buy pottery for their own use, but the gallery is a popular spot to showcase and sell works by local and regional artists. It is estimated that this business generates approximately $32,217 in annual sales.

Founded in 1980, this is a family-owned and operated Pottery Studio. It has a wide range of wood-fired pottery items, including functional and decorative pieces that are perfect as gifts or souvenirs.

One of the main attractions at Holley Hill is the anagama kiln, which is a Japanese-inspired kiln that allows ash to burnish random glazes and designs. This unique firing technique dates back to 5th century China and migrated later to Japan.

The Pottery Studio is the site of a number of upcoming events, including the WoodStoke Festival on Saturday. The event is a fundraiser for the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society, whose mission is to educate and inspire wood-fired ceramic art on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Visitors will have the opportunity to help unload a stuffed cornucopia known as an anagama kiln. The kiln is the result of a collaboration between the Stokes and a Navarre developer, Bill Pullam.

The GCKW Society has plans for a multi-use “Historical Working Center” at the site, which will feature educational workshops and research as well as a gallery area for wood-fired ceramic art. The center will be accessible to the public, allowing more people to enjoy this wonderful art form.