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Glenwood Park Nature Trail Fort Walton Beach

If you love taking in nature and spending time on the trails, you should definitely make it a point to visit Glenwood Park. This hidden gem is located just south of Laguna Park on NE Opp Boulevard and features a boardwalk aligned with a stream through beautiful forested wetlands.

The area is a prime spot to watch migratory and resident birds. This trail is also a great place to bring the kids and play “I Spy” while looking for these colorful creatures.


If you’re looking for a unique way to pass the time during your Fort Walton Beach vacation, you should check out Glenwood Park Nature Trail. This 8.8-acre park is located just south of Laguna Park and is a great place to spot a variety of unique birds in the wild.

The park is also home to a surprisingly impressive paved bicycle path. In fact, it’s probably the only bike path in town so it’s a rare treat to get your pedals on when you’re visiting this area of Florida. The trail itself has a total length of 1.7 miles and is paved for most of the way.

There are plenty of other things to do in this Emerald Coast city, including a variety of restaurants and shopping options. If you’re looking for a more luxurious experience during your stay, you can book one of our professionally managed Fort Walton Beach condos to take the hassle out of finding the best spots to see and be seen. The property experts at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach can help you find the perfect abode to suit your needs and budget while providing all the amenities you deserve. The best part?

Bird Watching

Glenwood Park Nature Trail Fort Walton Beach is a great place to start if you’re interested in bird watching. With a boardwalk aligned with a stream through beautiful forested wetlands, this trail is ideal for spotting migratory and resident birds.

Florida is known as a birder’s paradise because of its warm climate and diverse habitats that attract hundreds of different species. Some species, like limpkins and wading birds, are year-round residents while others, like swallow-tailed kites and yellow-billed cuckoos, visit Florida to raise their young. Many migratory species pass through Florida as they make their way across the Gulf of Mexico in October and April before returning to their native lands.

With a variety of habitats, including marshes, woodlands, wetlands, and beaches, Florida offers a wealth of bird-watching opportunities. The Great Florida Birding Trail is a 2,000-mile driving tour that leads local and visiting birders to some of the state’s hidden jewels and stunning state parks perfect for viewing these feathered friends.

This birding trail is modeled after the successful Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. It features special highway signs identifying birding trails and a detailed map showcasing the best sites for viewing birds and other wildlife.

Located in the heart of Fort Walton Beach, Glenwood Park Nature Trail is a great place to spend a little time out in nature and to take a walk with your family. The 8.8-acre park has ample green areas where you can relax and enjoy a picnic.

It is also a great place to go for a run or just to relax and get away from it all. In addition, it is near other popular attractions such as Liza Jackson Park at 338 Miracle Strip Parkway SW and the health club Workout Anytime.

The state park is a great place to start if birding is your thing because you will see all types of birds in this area, including Bonaparte’s gulls in winter and spring, snowy plovers, American oystercatchers, and gull-billed terns. Gannets plunge offshore in winter and spring while migrant songbirds such as blue grosbeaks and scarlet tanagers can be seen in April. 


The Emerald Coast of Florida is known for its beaches and waterways, but it’s also home to some of the state’s most scenic parks and natural areas. Take a picnic lunch to one of these spots and enjoy the fruits of nature.

If you’re a nature lover, there are plenty of fun places to picnic during your stay in Fort Walton Beach, FL. These include The Landing in Downtown Fort Walton Beach, The Glenwood Park Nature Trail, Cinco Bayou Laguna Park, and more.

The Landing in Fort Walton Beach is a great spot to grab a quick bite while enjoying a view of the Okaloosa Island Pier, Boardwalk, and some spectacular sunsets. This waterfront park boasts 700 feet of pristine waterfront, a boardwalk, boat ramps, a fishing pier, and a gazebo to name a few features.

Located behind Miracle Strip Parkway NE, The Landing is the perfect place to picnic if you’re a fan of the gulf coast. Its amenities include clean restrooms, a vending machine with ice, and a slew of activities, including a playground and an entertainment stage.

Aside from the Landing, you can check out The Glenwood Park Nature Trail for a bird-watching experience you won’t soon forget. This quaint spot is hidden on a stretch of Eglin Parkway just south of Laguna Park and offers a nature trail with a 641-foot boardwalk aligned with a stream through forested wetlands.

This is one of the best places in Fort Walton Beach to see a variety of birds, many of which are migrating through at this time of year. You may even catch a glimpse of some of the more exotic ones, such as owls or sandpipers.

The Glenwood Park Nature Trail is a short walk, but it feels like you’re in the wildest of wilderness. The trail is heavily shaded, so you won’t bake in the sun while you watch a bird or two flies by.

The Eglin East segment of the Emerald Coast Trail is another great option for those who want to explore the outdoors. This section of the route takes you through a pine forest with a storied history. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth the effort if you’re looking to take in some of the best scenery around.


If you’re a fishing enthusiast, the Glenwood Park Nature Trail Fort Walton Beach is a great spot for catching a variety of fish. It’s also a nice spot to see the natural habitat of birds and other wildlife that call this area home.

The trail is a short, easy walk that takes you across a boardwalk aligned with a stream and through forested wetlands. It’s a perfect place to spend time with your family while taking in the scenery and learning about our local environment.

This beautiful nature trail is located just south of Laguna Park on NE Opp Boulevard and is open from 8 am to 8 pm on any day of the week. It’s a great option for a quick escape from the city, a picnic, or a day of bird-watching and exploring with your kids.

You’ll be able to spot resident migratory birds, such as herons, ducks, and even pelicans while you’re at Glenwood Park. During the summer months, you may be able to spot a variety of other local species.

It’s important to be aware of the dangers associated with fishing, so make sure you take the necessary safety precautions before you embark on a day out on the water. This is especially true if you’re traveling with small children or are under the age of 16. The Next article is Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Navarre FL

There are many great fishing spots throughout the Fort Walton Beach area. Some of these spots are very popular, so it’s a good idea to find out which ones are most crowded at any given time.

Other options include Ross Marler Park, which is on Okaloosa Island and has everything from a playground to a boat launch. Alternatively, Mattie Kelly’s Park and Nature Walk overlooks southern wetlands and is a great place to sit back and throw a line while taking in the view.

If you’re looking for a fun day out on the water, Power Up Watersports offers jet ski rentals in Fort Walton Beach. Their fleet of jet skis ranges in size from 20 to 24 feet. They also offer pontoon rentals, which can accommodate a larger group of people. Browse around this site