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How to Prepare For your Eyelash Extension appointment in Gulf Breeze


You have decided to get your eyelash extensions done but have no idea how to prepare yourself because it is your first time? We got you sorted. Read up on this whole guide before booking an eyelash extension appointment.

Tips on How to Prepare Before Eyelash Appointment

  • Discontinue Using Waterproof Mascara:

The compounds of waterproof mascara remain on the lashes for a few days even after you remove them. So, if you use waterproof mascara, discontinue using it three days before your appointment to get the best results.

  • Arrive With a Clean Face and Lashes:

Do not come to your appointment with makeup on because the lashes will not stick to your lash line then, making the process difficult and wasting money. Make sure to arrive at your appointment with a clean face and lashes.

  • Avoid Using Oil-based Products:

If you use oil-based products, remove them before coming completely; otherwise, your eyelash extensions can give you a hard time, and you do not want this to happen.

  • Arrive With clean Hair:

Take a shower if you want to before coming to an appointment because water can be dangerous for the next 24 hours, the next 24 after getting eyelash extensions. For better results, arrive with clean hair and body, so you do not need to shower after the procedure.

  • Do Not Wear Contact Lenses:

The application of the lenses can wet the lashes, so professionals do not recommend wearing contact lenses on the day of service, so make sure not to wear them.

  • Get Done With Facials First:

If you are taking a whole spa day, we recommend getting your entire facial and other services, including your face, before getting eyelash extensions; otherwise, they will not get the best results.

Once you read all the tips, book your appointment at any Eyelash Extension Salon Near me and prepare before the appointment day arrives.