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The Best Type Of Eyelash extensions According To Your Eye Shape in Gulf Breeze


Eyelash extensions type varies from person to person because of the eye’s different shapes. Choosing the best and right type of eyelash extension according to your eye size is not difficult as long as you have a good guide. Always search for the best Eyelash Extensions Near Me and consult a professional about what to get according to Your Eye Shape.

Things to Look For Before Getting Eyelash Extensions:

Before getting eyelash extensions, always look at them and choose accordingly.

  • Eye shape
  • Eye size
  • Eyelid’s type
  • Orientation of the eyes
  • Eye colour
  • Natural lashes
  • Allergies
  • Preference
  • Upkeep

Eyelash Extensions According To Different Eyes

  • Natural Eye:

Getting slightly longer eyelash extensions to the outer corners of the eye go perfect with natural eye shape. They are great for an everyday look and are not dramatic.

  • Round or Close-set Eyes:

For round or close-set eyes, cat eye extensions go perfect with them. The eyes look bigger and more dramatic.

  • Wide-set or Downturned Eyes:

For people with a wide set or downturned eyes, Doll eye extensions are perfect. They look very versatile and make the eye look bigger.

  • Thick Lashes:

Staggered eyelash extensions are for people with naturally thick lashes. They are a combination of long and short lashes and are perfect for glam looks.

Eyelash extensions are very common and favourable now. People choose them over false lashes because they are more convenient and look good without makeup. Every salon has eyelash extension services, so drop the idea of getting false lashes every time you get ready and book an appointment for eyelash extensions to look presentable without any effort.

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