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Fort Walton Beach, FL

428 Mary Esther Cut Off NW Unit A,
Fort Walton Beach, FL
32548, United States
(850) 374-3769

Gulf Breeze, FL

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Bluewater Zoo Exotic Aquariums and Reptiles

Bluewater Zoo Exotic Aquariums & Reptiles Fort Walton Beach is a locally owned pet store with a large selection of exotic animals. They also have good prices and great customer service. A great place to also visit is Hurlburt Field AFB Commissary

Locally Owned & Operated

If you want a good selection of exotic animals and great prices, Bluewater Zoo Exotic Aquariums & Reptiles Fort Walton Beach is the place for you. This store is owned by locals and has excellent customer service. They carry animals that are rare and hard to find. They also have excellent prices compared to the big chain stores. They are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions about the care and maintenance of your new aquarium or pet. They are open Monday through Friday. They are the best in the area and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for exotic fish and reptiles. Browse around this site

Things to Consider When Taking Care of Exotic Animals

Exotic animals, like cats and dogs, require specific pet care in order to be healthy and happy. If you are unsure about the care that your animal will need, talk to an exotic pet veterinarian before purchasing one. They will help you make the best decision for your animal, and will be able to offer advice on the most appropriate type of housing, diet, and other aspects of your pet’s care.

Exotic pets need special dietary needs and custom-made cages that meet their unique health and safety requirements. These requirements are often quite expensive, and they may require a long-term commitment to owning an exotic pet.

Providing the Right Housing and Bedding

The housing of your exotic animal should be roomy enough for exercise and secure enough to prevent escape. Choosing the right housing can help your exotic pet live a longer, healthier life, and prevent a host of diseases.

Bedding for exotic animals should be clean, free of sharp points, and soft to the touch. Keeping your exotic pet’s bedding in good condition will also help reduce the risk of fleas and other parasites.

Ensure that your pet has access to fresh water and fresh food every day. The type of water and food you choose should match the species of your pet. For example, guinea pigs cannot handle warm water or food, while rabbits and chinchillas prefer a cool diet.

Proper Temperature and Humidity

Most exotic pets have special requirements for temperature, humidity, and lighting. These needs vary from species to species, and can be difficult to accommodate without specialized equipment. If you are new to exotic pet ownership, it is a good idea to purchase a thermometer or hygrometer to measure the humidity and temperature in your pet’s enclosure.