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Ombre Powder Brows: Positive Things You Should Know

Ombre Powder Brows? We’ve all heard of microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo procedure used to give the appearance of thicker, more attractive brows when it concerns semi-permanent and permanent brow makeup. Due to its excitable effect, microblading immediately gained popularity.   

But not everybody is a good candidate for microblading services. Because the pigment doesn’t turn up well and can appear blurry on women with wide pores and oily skin, microblading is not recommended for them. Women with oily skin should choose ombre powder brows.

Let us tell you a bit more about these brows!

What are Ombre Powder Brows?

Ombre brows are a brow treatment that uses ombre tinting. This semi-permanent eyebrow styling method involves inserting incredibly tiny dots of color into the skin with a small machine to simulate the appearance of a softly tinted brow pencil.

The most difficult element of your regimen, for most beauty enthusiasts, is bending into the mirror to fill your eyebrows perfectly. Your brows will look great for one to three years with ombre shading.

Benefits of Ombre Brows

  • In contrast to microblading, which might not look natural on women with oily skin, ombre powder brows look beautiful on any skin type.
  • Your brow will appear bolder, fuller, and more sculpted.
  • Ombre brows typically last up to 5 years, greater than micro-bladed brows.
  • In comparison to microblading, the ombre powder process is a little less intrusive.
  • Additionally, compared to microblading, this semi-permanent eyebrow style method is less uncomfortable.

Preparing for Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre powder brows cost from $500 to $1000. Clients should be fresh-faced and well-rested for their appointment. Forty-eight hours prior to the service, it’s critical to avoid anything that could thin the blood. This means that until the service has been completed, there should be absolutely no alcohol, painkillers, other special prescriptions, or Botox. Blood-thinning medications accomplish just that; they thin the blood and make you bleed more heavily than usual throughout the procedure, which leads to poor pigment retention.

Ombre Powder Brows Healing

Here are some things you should remember while your ombre brows are still healing:

  • Don’t exercise or perspire a lot.
  • Avoid touching and removing the scabs. The crusties will naturally fall off.
  • For at least 12 to 14 days, refrain from applying any makeup near the brows.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure.
  • During the healing period, refrain from getting any facials.
  • Avoid taking hot, long showers.
  • Don’t scrub your brows too vigorously. For cleaning the area, you can use a cotton swab.

The additional burden of filling in your brows every day is removed by a semi-permanent brow style. For more natural, fuller brows, ombre brows are a terrific alternative, and finding a talented artist is the secret to having a flawless look.

Contact the Beauty Experts today to book an appointment if you are searching for ombre brows near me to get treated by our licensed estheticians. It will be a delight to serve you!