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Wood Therapy – What You Should Know About It

Wood therapy allegedly dates back hundreds of years and is Asian in nature. Rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups are only a couple of the wooden handheld tools used in the intensive massage technique known as “wood therapy.” 

Briefly described, it helps reduce fat and cellulite by massaging the body with a variety of different wooden implements. Direct pressure is applied using the wooden tools to “problem regions” to reduce extra body fat essentially. 

Is There a Difference Between Wood Therapy and Body Contouring? 

Although they are officially two different types of therapy, their objectives are essentially the same. While body contouring assists in tightening and increasing the flexibility of your skin, wood therapy aids in the reduction of body fat. There are many other body contouring treatments available, some of which are more invasive than others, but wood therapy is one of the most popular ones.

Advantages of Wood Therapy 

The major advantages of this therapy are more chiseled and toned body features since a careful massage helps the body flush out impurities.   You’ll probably start to experience the following advantages as soon as you start undergoing frequent sessions of it.

  • Non-invasive and organic therapies.
  • It defines and shapes the physique.
  • It reduces muscle tension and boosts your body’s energy.
  • It boosts lymphatic drainage and gets rid of toxins.
  • Aids in enhancing blood circulation.
  • It may facilitate metabolic speed.
  • Lowers cellulite.
  • It may promote fat burning.

Does Wood Therapy Hurt?

No! As massage therapist uses direct pressure with their wooden implements, you might experience a little discomfort, but that’s how you’ll know the therapy is effective. Because your technician is not using the human hands, you are accustomed to, but rather wooden instruments, the sensation may initially feel a little unusual. But you’ll get used to wooden therapy rather quickly.

How Long Does It Take to See The Results of Wood Therapy?

Answering this question can be challenging since there is no standard response. In general, the more frequently you attend wood therapy sessions, the more likely you will experience results sooner. However, after your first treatment, you usually notice a slight improvement. But, between their third and fifth sessions, the majority of clients begin to notice the effects.

How Long Do The Results Last?

Similar to how normal massage therapy functions, wood therapy is most effective when used as a continuing treatment. The results will be more pronounced and remain longer if you practice consistency. The good news is that the results you get often last for around three months following your final session. Therefore, don’t worry if you miss one or two sessions; your progress will still be saved.

At The Beauty Experts, we have a team of licensed estheticians with extensive experience in providing wood therapy. If you are ready to reduce the extra fat and cellulite in your body, contact us today!