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Lash Extensions – What Makes It Unique

Getting long eyelashes sounds like a dream for every woman. But are eyelash extensions safe? How much do they cost? And, what to expect when getting eyelash extensions? These are some of the many queries that might be pooling your mind before deciding to finally get eyelash extensions done. Hence, read this blog post till the end to find answers to all your questions! 

Are Lash Extensions Safe? 

Eyelash extensions are a safe approach to improving the appearance of natural lashes when they are performed appropriately by a certified and trained specialist.

They have the potential to result in irritation, infection, and irreversible lash loss when used improperly or with inappropriate adhesive. Some of the common side effects associated with eyelash extensions include:


Silk, mink, or synthetic strands like nylon can be used to make extensions. The mink allergy is common. The glue may also cause you to react. Inquire about the glue’s components and the type of fiber used if you have allergies. Try out the solution on your elbow or wrist. Any reaction may not manifest for up to 24 hours.


This frequently occurs due to unclean eyelashes. They develop an oily coating similar to human hair. The lashes may also collect pollen, dirt, or dead skin cells if they aren’t regularly washed. Your eyelid may become puffy or inflamed.

Eye Inflammation

Although rare, vigorous eye rubbing can cause eyelash extension fibers to get stuck on or just below your eye membrane. Surgery may be necessary to eliminate severe instances.

What to Expect When Getting Eyelash Extensions Done?

You’ll start by settling in on your back and getting comfortable. There will be tape, stickers, or under-eye pads to protect your lower lashes. Be prepared to have your eyes closed throughout the application while the technician carefully attaches each extension with tweezers. Although the treatment is gentle, it may take a few minutes for you to get used to the idea of a sharp metal item coming so close to your eyeball.

How to Take Care for Eyelash Extensions?

lash extensions

For the following 24 hours after your session, avoid getting any moisture on your extensions so that the glue can finish drying. Additionally, avoid damp spaces like saunas. Keep your extensions tidy and gently untangle them each day with a new mascara wand or spoolie brush to prolong their life. 

Although oils and makeup removers with an oil base are your eyelashes’ biggest enemy since they degrade the glue, you can apply eye makeup. The professionals advise against using mascara, specifically. Touch-ups ought to be planned every two to four weeks to maintain your extensions appearing full and new. These fill-in visits last approximately an hour and cost $50 to $250.

At The Beauty Experts, our trained estheticians will professionally apply eyelash extensions to your eyes after making sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the glue or the lash material. Book an appointment with us today as a first step towards bidding farewell to falsies and mascara!