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Lash Lift – Learn Everything About It

Ever dreamt of having longer, beautiful eyelashes without needing to use a lot of mascara? Well, thanks to the lifting process, that is actually possible now. So, are you considering getting a lash lift? Here’s everything you should know about the procedure before finally making up your mind! 

What is a Lash Lift?

Without the need for any leave-on substances or extensions, a lift is a completely natural, semi-permanent treatment that gives you the looks of longer, thicker eyelashes. The natural lashes are thickened at the base, making them appear lifted and lengthened.

If you have a lash lift, you won’t have to struggle with clumpy mascara or bothersome falsies. Additionally, you’ll have naturally thick, long lashes when you wake up each morning. Many people opt to have their lashes colored a darker shade to enhance the look. Consider it a perm for your eyelashes. The treatment should ideally be short and painless, leaving you with eyelashes you may flick around as glamorously as you like.

How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost? 

Based on where you live and your technician’s proficiency, the lift price might vary, but you should plan to pay between $75 and $150. If you want a more specific estimate of a lash lift cost, it is advised to contact the salon you are planning to get this done at. 

How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

lash lift

A lash lift is temporary. After a few weeks, the benefits can start to wear off, and you might find yourself grabbing the mascara once more. A lift typically lasts between 4 and 6 weeks, though this can change based on your lashes and the kind of lift you select. 

Your lash lift may last up to six weeks with the proper maintenance. Are you unsure of the duration of your lash lift? The lifespan of your freshly lifted lashes depends on a few different factors, including:

  • Instant aftercare
  • Sustaining lash care
  • How quickly your lashes naturally grow and the kind of lift you received

Even when you take proper care of your eyelashes, you can discover that your lift did not last as long as that of other people who received the same procedure. This might simply be a result of how quickly your eyelashes develop on their own.

Getting a lifting sounds like a good idea as long as you are willing to take good care of them afterward. Looking for a salon that offers a lash lift near me? Contact The Beauty Experts. We will guide you further on the topic and make sure you are extremely content with our service!