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What Happens During a Facial at a Spa?

What Happens During a Facial at a Spa

You may be wondering what happens during a facial at a beauty salon. Here, you will learn about facial extractions, exfoliation, hand, scalp and facial massages. You will also learn about the hydration mask, which you can have customized to your skin type and desired results. After your treatment, you will leave the spa feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. A facial treatment can be an expensive investment. It’s essential to plan your finances for this treatment.

A facial at a spa usually involves exfoliation, which is a process that removes dead skin cells. Some treatments are chemical, while others are mechanical. Chemical exfoliation involves using a substance with a gritty texture to remove surface dead skin cells. Extraction is used to remove whiteheads and blackheads. There are several types of extractions, and you should discuss the level of pain you’re comfortable with.

A foot, hand or scalp massage during a facial treatment can help relax and improve circulation. You can also use cold stones to reduce inflammation and lavender essential oil to relieve stress. These treatments are often offered as an enhancement to a massage or on their own. During your facial, you can expect a sugar scrub to remove dead skin and prepare your skin for a hand massage. Hot towels are also great for sinus problems and headaches. You can request a hot towel facial as an addition to your facial treatment or as a stand-alone service.

Facial extractions are performed to clear the skin of clogged and compacted pores. They are often performed as part of a facial, and many patients require a couple of extractions during their treatment. They may also need a couple more extractions after their initial facial. The most common extractions occur to get rid of blackheads, which are comprised of dead skin cells, excess sebum, and oxidized oil. Browse next article 

If you haven’t tried a hydration mask at a spa, you’re missing out. This luscious mask is the perfect combination of the two most popular facial creams from La Mer. It comes in a handy sheet mask with an ounce of lotion. The mask is infused with Miracle Broth Revitalizing Ferment, La Mer’s proprietary formula. This mask leaves your skin feeling supple and radiant, and it only takes five minutes to work. Check it out here

If you’re looking to get a new face cream after your facial, consider using a hydrating serum. After a facial, the skin is especially delicate and prone to damage. You should avoid harsh products to protect it. During a facial, estheticians will exfoliate the skin to the max, so it’s important to protect the moisture barrier. Deeply hydrating mask treatments and nourishing facial oils will protect the skin barrier. A good hydrating face cream blend should contain at least SPF 30.