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Fort Walton Beach, FL

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Gulf Breeze, FL

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Florida Public Archaeology Network

In the state of Florida, you can learn more about archaeology by visiting the Destination Archaeology Network/Destination Archaeology Resource Center Pensacola FL. The center is the state’s headquarters and hosts educational programs year-round. The center features a hands-on underwater archaeology lab and cultural landmarks. It is located at 207 E Main St, Pensacola, FL 32502.

In addition to free workshops, the destination archaeology resource center also hosts several events each year. The Disston Heights Civic Association will be hosting a presentation by Robert Austin, Senior Principal Investigator with Southeastern Archaeological Research Inc. During this presentation, he will discuss the role of archaeology in the region. He will discuss the impact of construction of Bayshore Homes on the archaeology of the area.

Pensacola has beautiful beaches and emerald waters. This historic site was established by Spanish settlers in the 1550s and is the first European settlement in the United States. Visitors will be able to learn about the city’s diverse cultural heritage while touring the museum. You’ll find Spanish, British, and American place names on historic markers. Other historical sites include Quina House, which was built during the Spanish period. Browse next article 

The Pensacola Shipwreck Survey, a collaborative effort between the Pensacola Historical Museum and Destination Archaeology Resource Center, is an ongoing research project. The research team also received professional reports on a dozen local archaeological sites, including a shipwreck site. And in the past, many local residents have joined the project by becoming sport divers or contributing to the documentation of the wreck.

The event will feature a lecture by Dr. Rachel Wentz, a registered professional archaeologist. She has been instrumental in the analysis of the Windover pond cemetery near Titusville. This will provide insight into the lives of the people who are buried there. It is FREE and open to the public, so come on out and learn more about Florida’s past. Click for more

If history buffs are your thing, then the Museum of Industry is the perfect place to visit. Located in a building originally constructed for the Pensacola Ice Co., it features many fascinating artifacts related to that industry. You can view a large collection of old-timey tools and see many types of bricks manufactured in the city.